Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Indo-Soviet Joint Manned Space Flight 1985 India Stamp

The Indo-Soviet Joint Manned Space Flight put Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma into Space as the first Indian to do so, along  with Yury Malyshev and Gennady Strekalov

Mission highlights

Soyuz T-11 was the 6th expedition to Salyut 7, and carried the first Indian cosmonaut to the Salyut 7 station.

Salyut 7 was unmanned after the undocking of Soyuz T-11 in October 1984 until Soyuz T-13 docked with the station in June 1985. Salyut 7 developed problems during the unmanned time, which meant that the crew of Soyuz T-13 had to perform a manual docking and do repairs to the station.

*Oleg Atkov First space flight Soviet Union*

*Rakesh Sharma First spaceflight India*

Rakesh Sharma conducted an Earth observation program concentrating on India. He also did life sciences and materials processing experiments, including silicium fusing tests. He is also reported to have experimented with practicing yoga to deal with the effects of prolonged orbital spaceflight.

Mission duration 181 days, 21 hours, 48 minutes,

Landing date 2 October 1984, 10:57:00 UTC

Department of Posts released A commemorative postage stamp on  INDO-SOVIET JOINT MANNED SPACE FLIGHT 

 Issued Date:  03 April 1984 
 Denomination: INR 3.00 

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