Friday, March 24, 2017

Ancient sculpture 1982 India Stamp

Ancient Sculpture -Deer (Stone Carving) - 5th Century A.D

An excellent example of classical art of India, the beautiful sculpture depicting a grou of four deer with charming feagures, formed only a part of the decorative scheme of the famous Parvati temple at Nachna-Kuthar in Madhya Pradesh. In the original setting of the shrine, which was possibly dedicated to Shiva, this remarkable relief was fixed in a cavern like niche within the facade of jagati or scole of the Temple which itself was sculptured as a conventional hilock representing probably Siva's abode that is the sacred mount Kailasa. The superstructure bearing excellently carved doorjamb had a processional path and a storeyed-top. It was on the stylistic considerations that the shrine has been dated to Circa fifth century A.D. and is believed to mark an early stage in the growth of the northern temple architecture. The sculptures of this shrine including the carved deer exemplify fine tradition of the Gupta Art. 

Stamp depicts Deers in a sculpture belonging to 5th century A.D. available at National Museum in the collection of Smt. Pupul Jayakar.  

Department of Posts released this commemorative postage stamp during Festival of India in UK in 1982

Issued Date : 23.03.1982

Denomination: 200 Paise

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