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Kaliya Mardana 1982 India Stamp

Kaliya Mardana (bronze statue),- 9th Century A.D

The cast in bronze shows Krishna dancing on the serpent hoods of Kaliyanaga. Krishna's right hand is in "abhayamudra" (imparting protection), while with the left he is holding the tail of the snake. The elegantly carved image wears the usual ornaments- necklace, armlets, girdle, anklets, etc., and short drawers. Nagaraja is shown under five hoods with hands held in "anjalimudra" (Pose of salutation). The rectangular pedestal of the image has four hooks on four corners meant to fasten it tightly with the wooden pedestal kept on temple chariots to carry it out in religious processions. A Kaliya-Krishna of the period of transition from Pallava to Chola and nearer the earliest phase of Chola idiom, this belongs to 9 Century A.D. The delicate treatment of the dancing figure balanced on the hoods of the snake and the charm of the Nagaraja represented against the snakehoods are notewirthy. Kaliya-Mardan- The Legend In the river Kalindi, there was another lake which was theabode of the serpant kaliya. Kaliya polluted te water of the river by its venom. In order to subdue the serpent, so as the pollution is stopped, Krishna jumped down from a Kadamba tree into the river and began to play in the water, striking it with his arms. The noise created by Krishna, obviously, enraged KAliya and the later encircled Krishna with his coils. To the joy of all Krishna set himself free from the coils of the serpent. Mow came the opportunity when the arrogance of Kaliya could be crushed. He placed one of his feet on his hoods. Kaliya suffered extreme pain on account of the weight of Krishna's body. Because of the constant fight with Krishna, the serpent king Kaliya became tired and powerless. The moment he ws completely subdued, Krishna stood on the serpent's head and began to dance. (Text by courtesy: National Museum).

The stamp portrays a bronze statue of the 9th century A.D. available at National Museum, New Delhi.

Department of Posts released this  commemorative postage stamp during  Festival of India in UK in 1982

Issued Date : 23.03.1982
Denomination : 305 Paise

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