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Nalanda College 1970 India Stamp

Bihar Sharif Nalanda College was founded by Edal Singh, a landlord in Bihar. He had granted 8.7 acres of land for the college. To remember his contribution, his statue is standing in the campus. It was at first under the jurisdiction of the University of Calcutta, then it came under Bihar University, and finally under Magadh University, Bodhgaya. D. P. Singh was appointed principal of the college. After his retirement, Dr. S. N. Sinha took the charge as the principal of this college.

Nalanda College, Bihar sharif (Bihar) is the oldest college of the Magadh University. It was established a century back as the Bihar English High School. The first batch of students appeared in the year 1871 from the Calcutta University.

Thanks to the munificent donation made by the late Rai Bahadue Edal Singh, its founder, it blossomed into a full-fledged college in 1920. The donor gave away his zamindari property worth Rs. Two and a half lakhs with an annual income of Rs. 12,000 for the setting up of the college.

The institution takes its name after the famous and ancient Nalanda University. The college was inaugurated by the then Lt. Governor of Bihar on 20th July, 1920. The institution worked as a school upgraded into a school-cum-intermediate college and renamed 'Nalanda College', the inatitution was upgraded into a degree college.

It is presently a degree college affiliated to the Magadh University (Gaya) catering to both arts and science with about 2,000 students on the roll. The colege is teaching up to Honours standard in almost all subjects of arts and science. Recently, the Government of Bihar have decided to covert this college as a constituent unit of the Magadh University with effect from 1st April, 1970.

In the year 1926, the Government of Bihar, realising the importance of this institution, made this college a fully deficit-aided college and since then the Government of Bihar has been meeting the deficit of the college. The college has been able to build up a good library out of the grant given by the University Grants Commission.

It has also a fine auditorium-cum-recreation hall built under the campus project scheme of the Government of India at a cost of Rs. 1.25 lakhs. The college has two hostels in the college campus and one outside maintained by the college. Yhis institution has been rendering yeoman service to the cause of higher education in Bihar State and some of its alumni are already adorning high posts in the public life of the State.

The college has been serving all classes of people without distinction of caste or creed and has been admiting students from all corners of the State. Nalanda college is celebrated its centenary in 1970 in recognition of its 100 years of useful service to the cause of higher education.

On this memorable occasion, then Posts and Telegraphs Department has great plaesure in bringing out a special postage stamp to commemorate this event.

Issued  Date : 27.03.1970
Denomination : 25 Paise

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